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Chinese Chess Games xiangqi software-Free Downloads

Chinese Chess Stoneman games,click for enlarge

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Most popular Chinese Chess Game(xiangqi software) Introduce

latest news: Chinese Chess Stoneman 7.7 Released

This is a master level and popular Chinese Chess Game software, the 10th Olympic Chinese Chess Software Match silver Medal award.

Whoever you are, beginner or expert, you will have FUN and EXCITING playing with her.

tickPlay against computer or a friend;   tickHuge Open Book;

tickAdjust computer's level anytime;     tickSetup any position you want;

tickVisual Computer thinking Detail;     tickAuto-play on various chess websites instead of yourself;

What's new? Chinese Chess Stoneman V7.7 released! Stronger play strength, and faster connector to auto-play and win!   Click here to watch Video Tutorial  Learn more  

What our client says:

Arthur:I must admit its a wonderful peice of software.Its moves are so brilliant and marvelous, that I 'm able to beat most of my opponents.I'm enjoying every minute and has certainly make me a better chess player.

Chinese Chess giant games,click for enlarge

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Chinese Chess Giant (New Chess Game) Introduce

A strong level and popular Chinese Chess Game software. Improving your level just easy with it.

tickStrong strength;                                  tickCreate your own opening book;

tickAdjust computer's level anytime;     tickSetup any position you want;

tickImprove your playing level by step by step instruction ;     

tickPlay chess on internet automatically, win scores and honor for you;

What's New? Chinese Chess Giant V2009 released! Support up to 8 cpu cores and faster 8 times than before! Learn more  

Chinese Chess girl games,click for enlarge

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download Download 3.2M

Chinese Chess Girl (Small Chess Game) Introduce

A small and funny Chinese Chess Game software. If you love chess and love beatiful girl, you must love it .

tickYour oppoents all are beatiful girls, can you beat them?;

tickIt adjusts its level to suit you;

tickPlay with girls or friends ;

tickJust easy to change board and pieces;

tickHave multi choices to pick up one pretty girl as your rival;

Learn more  

  Love Chinese Chess? We too. Chinese Chess video provided now! Learn Chinese Chess(xiangqi) today!

      tickChinese Chess Stoneman Video Tutorial tickHow to auto-play xiangqi online
      tickIntroduce to Chinese Chess 1 tickChinese Chess Lesson 1    
      tickIntroduce to Chinese Chess 2 tickChinese Chess Lesson 2 tickHuronghua xiangqi lecture-1  
      tickKnowledge books about Chinese Chess      
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